To Serve With Pride: Zero Tolerance for Sexual Exploitation And Abuse

children-63175_960_720Sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) of beneficiaries by humanitarian aid workers represents a catastrophic failure of our obligation to protect those we serve.  We know SEA of vulnerable people happens everywhere and in every organization.  We also know that incidents of SEA are grossly underreported.    As HR professionals, it is our duty to educate staff, beneficiaries, and the communities where we work that we have zero tolerance  for SEA and that any aid worker found to be guilty of SEA will be terminated from employment.   It is also important to have effective complaint mechanisms in place so those affected by SEA can report concerns and get assistance. The UN has produced a 20-minute file, “To Serve with Pride: Zero Tolerance for Sexual Exploitation” and Abuse” that can be used as a training tool to raise awareness about the impact of SEA and the obligations of aid workers to uphold the Code Of Conduct to protect vulnerable populations.  The film is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Russian.

The film and other information on implementing a program to prevent and handle SEA complaints can be found at: