Ombudsman support for victims


HHR is a voice for those who have been sexually exploited or abused, but are fearful of reporting or do not know how to have their voice heard.   Your communication with the Ombudsman is confidential and we will not divulge information unless you give us permission to do so. However in cases where there is a threat of immediate danger or serious harm to you or others, we may have to share information to protect you and others.  You may also choose to voice your complaint or concern anonymously.

We can help in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Listening to complaints, concerns, and issues about sexual exploitation and abuse

  • Helping you to explore and evaluate options to report the abuse to the proper individuals or entities

  • Creating access to information and opening channels of communication

  • Acting as an alternative channel of communication to UN and NGO agencies

  • Helping to ensure that established sexual exploitation and abuse policies of agencies are functioning properly

  • Referring helpful resources

  • Assisting with surfacing issues so they can be addressed in formal processes

  • Taking objective action to resolve matters that fall outside established complaint mechanisms

  • Identifying ways to improve sexual exploitation and abuse complaint and reporting systems

Reporting an issue or concern to HHR Ombudsman:

  • Call or text +1-612-282-6126 or send us a confidential email with details about your concern to    Anonymous reports are accepted too.